Top Ten Reasons You Should Consider Our Church

10. We ARE Hanover.  In order to establish a town here in 1727, the founding fathers were required to have a church first. So we are the FIRST Congregational Church in every literal sense.  Read our history and get a sense of why we take such pride in our background.

9. We change people’s lives. A week does not go by where people’s lives are not changed for the better, whether they learn they can be free from the bonds of addiction at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, are inspired by the word of Christ during a Sunday morning worship service or a young boy is encouraged to become all he can be at a Boy Scout or Cub Scout meeting.

8. You don’t get lost in the crowd. We are large enough to be able to perform great tasks, yet small enough that everyone knows everyone.  A congenial Coffee Hour after church gives us a chance to learn more about one another.

7. You get to know the Pastor. The Pastor also makes a special effort to learn about the lives of each member.

6. We love all kinds of music. We cherish classical music expressed through the power of a digital organ and the upbeat rhythm of a piano and drums stirs our souls. Our minister of music/organist is second to none.

5. We have a non-judgmental theology. We accept all people for where they are on life’s journey. We do weddings, funerals, and baptisms for all. The pastor performs these rituals for non-members.

Have_fun4. We know how to have fun. Paul the Apostle says, “Be joyful always!” At First Congregational we follow Paul’s advice. We love to eat, laugh and share our joys.

3. Children and youth are given personal attention. Youth go on mission trips and children’s chats are done by the Senior Pastor every week. Every child is special and gets to know the pastor.

2. We are diverse. Life is never boring because we come from many different personal, age, and faith backgrounds, yet we affirm the ideal that we all don’t have to agree on everything to live together in Christian community.

1. God has blessed us with a wonderful campus. We have a campus that is open to all in the community. Experience this true gift God has given us by taking a meditative walk on the labyrinth and going for a prayerful walk through our campus making sure to take a peek at our rain garden. Our sizeable but intimate sanctuary is the perfect place to worship.