Faith Formation for Children

We believe that all ages are learners and that faith formation is a partnership between the church, the family and Jesus Christ. Church is one of the last places in our society where people of all ages and cultures come together in a community of support and service.

From September through June, Faith Education for children takes place in the downstairs vestry of the church building at 547 Hanover Street. Children are invited to attend the 9:30 a.m. worship service with their families and then proceed  downstairs with the Faith Formation staff after the singing of the Gloria Patri (follow worship schedule in the bulletin.) The worship service ends at approximately 10:30 and the children may enjoy refreshments with the congregation. 

During the Service:  Children may find an activity bag at the front entrance of the church to use while seated with their families. They are also invited to play/listen at the Pray Station in the front corner of the church where they will find rotating activities each week. Children remain in church for the entire service on the first Sunday of each month for Communion.