An extremely active set of programs ensures that many members of our congregation our serving God and growing in their faith.  Please read about some of our programs below.

We join our resources and talents together as a body of Christ to make a greater difference than we can as individuals.  Below is just a partial list of the ways we reach out to our local community and the world. Pictured above is a high school girl that went on a mission trip to an impoverished area of Chicago.  One day on the mission trip she played with inner city kids at a day care program at a storefront church.  See a short video of this Chicago Mission Trip where both adults and youth served from our church.
◦    Mainspring House Soup Kitchen
◦    Adult and Youth Mission Trips
◦    Hanover Food Pantry
◦    Habitat for Humanity
◦    UCC World Missions
◦    Academic & Camp Scholarships
◦    Seafarer's Friends

A weekly morning and evening Bible Study provides a wonderful opportunity for those interested in learning more about God's word. The Monday morning Bible Study meets in the Pastor's Study in Riley Hall at 10:30 am and the Monday night Bible Study meets in the Church Vestry at 7:30 pm, excluding holidays, snow days and school vacation days.  The Pastor leads these studies.

We have both indoor and outdoor labyrinths which are available to all for meditation. The outdoor labyrinth is always "open," while our indoor version, made by the congregation, is open at certain times throughout the year.

The entire community eagerly waits all year for this great social event and the goods made by our church family.  Join the fun on Saturday, November 5, 2016.

A program developed by our United Church of Christ, "Called To Care," is being used by our church in a modified form. The program continues to serve as a resource in coordinating and training church caregivers.We have teams that are available in times of stress or struggle.  Response may range from a card, phone call, visit, ride, or a coordination of meals.  Our ministry is prayerful and confidential.

Our church has a Prayer Shawl Ministry. Members of our church donate their time and talents by creating hand-knitted, crocheted or sewn shawls, lap blankets or baby blankets. We also have members who write notes as part of their gifts to the Prayer Shawl Ministry. All who knit, crochet or sew are welcome. We also have work for those who don't work with yarn or cloth. If you have a WILLING HEART, we want you. If you would like a lesson we will arrange one. 

The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the first Wednesday of every month, from September to May, in the Church Office.

We offer Confirmation to the high school members of our community of faith starting in 9th grade.  Confirmation is not about teaching dogma or doctrine.  It is not about passing on information.  Confirmation is about exploring our spirituality.  It is about hearing the stories of people who have struggled with faith and found wisdom and insight along the way.  It is about learning from other people's relationship with Jesus.  Confirmation is about making choices and asking questions and challenging presumptions and touching the heart of God.