Rev. Eric’s Corner

Rev. Eric writes articles for local newspapers. He examines contemporary issues in the context of Biblical and theological truths. Check out these links to his most recent and past articles.

You don’t have to go it alone, May 2017

Couples who pray together stay together, February 2017

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Let’s make America joyful again, July 2016

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Keeping you in my prayers, April 2016

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Guide to Living in a Material World, August 2015

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Choose the narrow path, June 2015

God and Technology, May 2015

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Love can thaw eternal winter, February 2015

Balancing Christianity and football, January 2015

Finding love, religion in tradition, December 2014

Faith is anything but boring, November 2014

With age, comes wisdom, October 2014

Water is Precious, September 2014

Finding the key to happiness, August 2014

Say ‘I love you’ on Father’s Day, June 2014

Passions come in many forms, May 2014

Courage shown in many waysApril 2014

Lent offers lessons on bullying, March, 2014

Try a different gift this Valentine’s Day, February, 2014

Boy Scouts took a bold, brave step, January, 2014

At Christmas, is there room at the inn?, December, 2013

How to respond when someone passes, August, 2013

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