Christian Education

Children Sunday SchoolCHURCH SCHOOL

We believe that all ages are learners and that faith formation is a partnership between the church, the family and Jesus Christ. Church is one of the last places in our society where people of all ages and cultures come together in a community of support and service. Sunday School is held every Sunday from 9:45 to 10:45 am in Riley Hall.


We offer various opportunities for Christian fellowship and spiritual growth for you.  Click here to find out more.


We offer Confirmation to the high school members of our community of faith starting in 9th grade.  Confirmation is not about teaching dogma or doctrine.  It is not about passing on information.  Confirmation is about exploring our spirituality.  It is about hearing the stories of people who have struggled with faith and found wisdom and insight along the way.  It is about learning from other people’s relationship with Jesus.  Confirmation is about making choices and asking questions and challenging presumptions and touching the heart of God.  


A weekly morning and evening Bible Study provides a wonderful opportunity for those interested in learning more about God’s word. The Monday morning Bible Study meets in the Pastor’s Study in Riley Hall at 10:30 am and the Monday night Bible Study also meets in the Pastor’s Study at 7:30 pm, excluding holidays, snow days and school vacation days.  The pastor leads these studies from September to June.